How things have changed..

I remember as a child Barbie was my favorite toy. Beautiful thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, high heels and lots and lots of outfits! I had trunk loads of outfits for my barbies. That probably started my love of fashion and glamour. My grandma used to buy me vintage clothes for my barbie's at garage sales. I had a strapless rainbow smocked dress, my favorite!
I've always had an affinity for the 1959 barbie. Bedroom eyes, strapless bathing suit, amazing up-do and cat-eye glasses. Gorgeous. This little doll has had such a big influence we've even seen 1959 barbie inspired fashions.
Well...I was so dissapointed when I saw the "Now and Then" Barbie doll. I was already dissapointed with the direction barbie has gone since I stopped "playing" with them. Oversized features, extra long torsos, super thin legs. :S Not good. Now as a child I never payed any attention to the size barbie was. The whole "non realistic measurements" didn't mean anything to me. I was more concerned with dressing her in a new outfit every minute. So I am not a fan of the new barbie body. Well anyway, regardless of all that I was so mad to see this new barbie. Teeny bikini, big hoop earings, super long hair...CELL PHONE, IPOD?! Ok, if you're going to pay tribute then pay tribute..if you're re-inventing, re-invent...but THIS? Well it was a dissapointment. Shame on you Mattel. :/ not good..

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