Top 12 of 2012

I cannot believe the year is over already..time absolutely flies the older you get, especially once you have a child. This has been a crazy year for us. Hubs is back in school, new baby, new job for me and hopefully more to come as well in 2013. I'm really hoping this next year will be our year..hey a girl can dream right? 
Well lets count down my top 12 sales of 2012.
 I loved this sunshine yellow multi strand necklace, so gorgeous. Like planets and the sun!
 The most beautiful mustard lace and chiffon cocktail dress..worn to a wedding in 1964.
 Perfect 50s leather spectators...these beauties were the only thing to make it to the front page this year
 I dont know why..but i LOVED this horse print duffel.
 This amazing skirt i wouldn't have even seen had the woman next to me not pointed it out and said "this would look so cute on you"...luckily (for you) i'm allergic to wool
 Found this gorgeous plaid sailor dress hiding in the corner of an antique shop, went to the gorgeous Twila Jean (and she looks amazing in it, of course)
 Crazy doc martin boots in purple black and teal
 Amazing arabian nights printed skirt in a gorgeous blend of pink, seafoam and purple
 My very favorite tent dress with polka dot ascot
Emma Domb mini wedding dress with layered train
although this dress sold as-is..it is still my very favorite dress
my favorite designer piece this year goes to the guys, this knit Burberry tie was perfection!

That is my top 12 for 2012..on to 2013
.and be on the look out for a HUGE SALE for the New Year...Its going to be a BIG one..so big it only happens once a year!!!


Happy Holidays

Hello everyone I hope you had a wonderful holiday break, or if you're still on vacation i hope you're enjoying yourself! We had a lovely family gathering at my grandma's house and nearly all the family was there for the first time in years. It was wonderful. I'm so glad that Corbin's first christmas eve he was surrounded by family and he got to see what (i feel) the holidays should be. 
Admittedly we're pretty broke right now. After thanksgiving our car broke down and cost nearly 1000 to fix on top of being stuck on the other side of the state so we had to rent a car and drive back to get it when it was fixed. Then a couple weeks later our furnace decided to stop working and last week we finally got it fixed. We had to order a part..after ordering 2 other parts that weren't the problem..you know how it goes. Some-how we got "sponsored" at work as a needy family for the holidays and one day when i got back from lunch there was a big stack of presents for Corbin. It was such a blessing. We had 1 present for corbin under the tree..thats all we could afford this year but thanks to my amazing, giving co-workers Corbin had an amazing christmas. Not that its all about gifts but i'm sure some of you out there have been in our shoes before and its nice to have the help when you need it. 
Corbin had so much fun opening his presents, i'll share some pictures of him..i bet you wont believe how BIG he is!
Corbin with santa! He was wearing a vintage Carters set from littlereadervintage it has cats on it!
 Here he is on christmas eve-eve blowing raspberries, standing with his new walking train
 here was his christmas eve outfit, love me some santa bum!
 he thought this box was the most fun ever!
 opening presents on christmas morning
 he didn't know what to think about the whole thing
 later he and daddy passed out after christmas dinner
 munching on animal crackers
 walking by himself!!
 his full christmas outfit, santa baby!
our little fam

It was a good holiday..i dont know about the rest of you but it didn't feel like christmas to me this year..not until christmas eve/day. Probably because i didn't get to do a bunch of present shopping..which i really love. Giving gifts is my very favorite thing. But anyway, that was our little holiday.

There is a SALE in the shop, today through saturday, its the last sale of the year. Everything is 25% off.


Shop Update: NYE

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things here on the blog. I do my shop updates on Monday and i'm going to start posting up what is being listed as well. This week is all about the shiny, sparkly and sexy. Getting you ready for NYE!

 beaded, pearl and sequin blouse in raspberry pink
 eyelash tinsel sheath dress in ombre stripes from red to silver
 crazy sexy sequin tube top
 this sparkle knit mini dress is comfy and sexy
copper faux wrap dress with drape
 liquid sequin blouse with cascade of sequin flames down the front
 perfect polka dot 60s mini dress with rhinestone details
 gdaumn sexy plus size wiggle dress by carol brent
studded peplum 40s wrap dress..sooooo cute, also a plus size
iridescent tiered party dress by gunne sax in purple and black
that oh so coveted 80s sequin sheath, this one has an illusion neckline and cut out back!

Everything you see will be listed today (plus a few extras) and it will all be on SALE, 20% off until friday!


Christmas Shopping - Decor

I am a big fan of giving unique decor gifts for the holidays. Something kitschy, fun, and you know they're going to love it. Is there anything better? Here are my top pics for vintage and handmade decor shops where you can get smoking deals on amazing items, thats the great thing about decor..it doesn't have to be expensive to be awesome!

Mouse Trap Vintage - Vintage
I love this shop because you never know what you're going to find here. Outdoorsy, nautical, earthy finds that have a history.

Claylicious - Handmade
This shop is great for trendy items in any color you could imagine, lots of options for finishes, from really rustic to the totally polished. Fun items anyone would love.

Compost This - Vintage
This shop is one of my favorites for decor..it has great options for gifts like bar ware, mid century, brass, wall hangings, figurines and holiday. Plus the prices can't be beat AND there is a 15% off sale right now.

handz - Handmade (posters)
This shop has a sign and saying for everyone you know. Fun colors and retro patterns are great for vintage lovers and retail junkies alike. Starting at just $15!

fallaloft - Vintage
This shop has some amazing pieces, right up my alley. Pyrex beakers, 70s wall hangings and much much more plus the owner is the SWEETEST!

Mmim - Handmade
I'm kind of known for giving pictures and frames for holidays and this shop has some of the cutest ones i've ever seen. They have blocks, pill boxes, piggy banks (I really want one of these cute piggy banks for Corbin) and of course their frames. I love this shop.

Ok those are some of my favorites for decor shops on etsy..next is my wishlist, my corbin wishlist and husband wishlist...they may not all be from etsy that time.

* none of these shops have paid me to endorse them, photos belong to the respective shops.


Christmas Shopping - Baby/Toddler

Today we're looking at handmade and vintage gifts for kids (and parents) great for the holidays or baby showers. Oh speaking of baby showers I'm expecting again, due in early June but baby is already measuring a week big. So anyway back to shopping.

Imagination Kids - Handmade
This shop has great deals on handmade wood toys. Boys and girls, all ages. A push car starting at just $6. What kid wouldn't want one of those in their stocking? I plan on ordering Corbin some pieces from this shop for christmas. At those prices, how could I not?

Ms Tips and Little Ms Tips - Vintage
 Technically two shops but owned by the same person so its pretty much just one.
Ms Tips has adorable kid's clothing..like OMG adorable.
and Little Ms Tips has vintage toys and decor. I love these puzzles in their orig box!

FunCreationsLab - Handmade
This shop has a little bit of everything and would be fun for a wide age range.

Nennelv - Handmade

This shop is so fun, lots of creative toys, handmade books, food, learning toys. Great for a family.

There are SOO many toys vintage and new on etsy, I suggest you do some looking. There are lots of vintage fisher price items (ones i played with that i completely forgot about) handmade teethers, rocking horses, hair clips for big girls, blankets, booties, onesies, figurines....
I actually just had to stop looking because i would search for something and get lost going through pages for 20 minutes...So i'm calling this post good.


Christmas Shopping - Jewelry

Long time no see, well after much debate i've decided to try to get back into my blog. Having two full time jobs and a crazy 10 month crawling around make things kind of difficult sometimes but hey, thats life. 
I dont have much money for shopping this year so I'm going to do a little blog series about great low-cost high thought gifts you could give anyone on your list. I may have theme days like "toys" "electronics" "jewelry" "housewares" ect but most of these are good gifts for anyone. Suggestions are great too. I'm going to start with one of my favorite things, Jewelry. Its always a good idea and handmade jewelry supports small businesses which is SO important during the holidays. 
Now remember NONE of these shops have paid for promotion and I am not getting gratuity from any of them.

Here are my top shops for vintage and handmade jewelry...

Branchbound - Handmade

 A personalized initial necklace could suit anyone from a cousin to your grandmother. Custom colors available but ORDER EARLY!!

JeanJeanVintage - Vintage
Often I find vintage pieces that just "remind" me of someone. You see it and think of them. There aren't many all-jewelry vintage shops on etsy but I ALWAYS find something I want in this one.

TheRogueandTheWolf - Handmade

I bet you know someone who would wear this ring right now! Cute designs, reasonable prices and sure to please. I love this shop but order early they're in the UK

ArtDecoDame - Vintage

This shop has a lot if different items but their jewelry section is always packed with great deals..yes, even on bakelite!

AlinaandT - Handmade

I think this shop is really fun, trendy, bright and unique. I love the chunky necklaces and statement pieces, great for a daughter or granddaughter..or me!

 Another shop that isn't all jewelry but always has unique pieces that anyone would love. I frequently find pieces I "need" from this shop.

So there are my fav shops for jewelry. :) Get to shopping, support those small etsy businesses!

*all pics property of the respective shops, all pics pulled from current listings.