Christmas Shopping - Jewelry

Long time no see, well after much debate i've decided to try to get back into my blog. Having two full time jobs and a crazy 10 month crawling around make things kind of difficult sometimes but hey, thats life. 
I dont have much money for shopping this year so I'm going to do a little blog series about great low-cost high thought gifts you could give anyone on your list. I may have theme days like "toys" "electronics" "jewelry" "housewares" ect but most of these are good gifts for anyone. Suggestions are great too. I'm going to start with one of my favorite things, Jewelry. Its always a good idea and handmade jewelry supports small businesses which is SO important during the holidays. 
Now remember NONE of these shops have paid for promotion and I am not getting gratuity from any of them.

Here are my top shops for vintage and handmade jewelry...

Branchbound - Handmade

 A personalized initial necklace could suit anyone from a cousin to your grandmother. Custom colors available but ORDER EARLY!!

JeanJeanVintage - Vintage
Often I find vintage pieces that just "remind" me of someone. You see it and think of them. There aren't many all-jewelry vintage shops on etsy but I ALWAYS find something I want in this one.

TheRogueandTheWolf - Handmade

I bet you know someone who would wear this ring right now! Cute designs, reasonable prices and sure to please. I love this shop but order early they're in the UK

ArtDecoDame - Vintage

This shop has a lot if different items but their jewelry section is always packed with great deals..yes, even on bakelite!

AlinaandT - Handmade

I think this shop is really fun, trendy, bright and unique. I love the chunky necklaces and statement pieces, great for a daughter or granddaughter..or me!

 Another shop that isn't all jewelry but always has unique pieces that anyone would love. I frequently find pieces I "need" from this shop.

So there are my fav shops for jewelry. :) Get to shopping, support those small etsy businesses!

*all pics property of the respective shops, all pics pulled from current listings. 

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Meg Eileen Carroll said...

I'm seeing a lot of things I wold certainly love to receive for Christmas. Thank you for sharing these favourites, they are all so lovely :D