Christmas Shopping - Baby/Toddler

Today we're looking at handmade and vintage gifts for kids (and parents) great for the holidays or baby showers. Oh speaking of baby showers I'm expecting again, due in early June but baby is already measuring a week big. So anyway back to shopping.

Imagination Kids - Handmade
This shop has great deals on handmade wood toys. Boys and girls, all ages. A push car starting at just $6. What kid wouldn't want one of those in their stocking? I plan on ordering Corbin some pieces from this shop for christmas. At those prices, how could I not?

Ms Tips and Little Ms Tips - Vintage
 Technically two shops but owned by the same person so its pretty much just one.
Ms Tips has adorable kid's clothing..like OMG adorable.
and Little Ms Tips has vintage toys and decor. I love these puzzles in their orig box!

FunCreationsLab - Handmade
This shop has a little bit of everything and would be fun for a wide age range.

Nennelv - Handmade

This shop is so fun, lots of creative toys, handmade books, food, learning toys. Great for a family.

There are SOO many toys vintage and new on etsy, I suggest you do some looking. There are lots of vintage fisher price items (ones i played with that i completely forgot about) handmade teethers, rocking horses, hair clips for big girls, blankets, booties, onesies, figurines....
I actually just had to stop looking because i would search for something and get lost going through pages for 20 minutes...So i'm calling this post good.

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Ms.Tips said...

Thank you so much for double featuring me:) I love those sea-creatures fishing set, adorable!