Top 12 of 2012

I cannot believe the year is over already..time absolutely flies the older you get, especially once you have a child. This has been a crazy year for us. Hubs is back in school, new baby, new job for me and hopefully more to come as well in 2013. I'm really hoping this next year will be our year..hey a girl can dream right? 
Well lets count down my top 12 sales of 2012.
 I loved this sunshine yellow multi strand necklace, so gorgeous. Like planets and the sun!
 The most beautiful mustard lace and chiffon cocktail dress..worn to a wedding in 1964.
 Perfect 50s leather spectators...these beauties were the only thing to make it to the front page this year
 I dont know why..but i LOVED this horse print duffel.
 This amazing skirt i wouldn't have even seen had the woman next to me not pointed it out and said "this would look so cute on you"...luckily (for you) i'm allergic to wool
 Found this gorgeous plaid sailor dress hiding in the corner of an antique shop, went to the gorgeous Twila Jean (and she looks amazing in it, of course)
 Crazy doc martin boots in purple black and teal
 Amazing arabian nights printed skirt in a gorgeous blend of pink, seafoam and purple
 My very favorite tent dress with polka dot ascot
Emma Domb mini wedding dress with layered train
although this dress sold as-is..it is still my very favorite dress
my favorite designer piece this year goes to the guys, this knit Burberry tie was perfection!

That is my top 12 for 2012..on to 2013
.and be on the look out for a HUGE SALE for the New Year...Its going to be a BIG one..so big it only happens once a year!!!

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