Happy Holidays

Hello everyone I hope you had a wonderful holiday break, or if you're still on vacation i hope you're enjoying yourself! We had a lovely family gathering at my grandma's house and nearly all the family was there for the first time in years. It was wonderful. I'm so glad that Corbin's first christmas eve he was surrounded by family and he got to see what (i feel) the holidays should be. 
Admittedly we're pretty broke right now. After thanksgiving our car broke down and cost nearly 1000 to fix on top of being stuck on the other side of the state so we had to rent a car and drive back to get it when it was fixed. Then a couple weeks later our furnace decided to stop working and last week we finally got it fixed. We had to order a part..after ordering 2 other parts that weren't the problem..you know how it goes. Some-how we got "sponsored" at work as a needy family for the holidays and one day when i got back from lunch there was a big stack of presents for Corbin. It was such a blessing. We had 1 present for corbin under the tree..thats all we could afford this year but thanks to my amazing, giving co-workers Corbin had an amazing christmas. Not that its all about gifts but i'm sure some of you out there have been in our shoes before and its nice to have the help when you need it. 
Corbin had so much fun opening his presents, i'll share some pictures of him..i bet you wont believe how BIG he is!
Corbin with santa! He was wearing a vintage Carters set from littlereadervintage it has cats on it!
 Here he is on christmas eve-eve blowing raspberries, standing with his new walking train
 here was his christmas eve outfit, love me some santa bum!
 he thought this box was the most fun ever!
 opening presents on christmas morning
 he didn't know what to think about the whole thing
 later he and daddy passed out after christmas dinner
 munching on animal crackers
 walking by himself!!
 his full christmas outfit, santa baby!
our little fam

It was a good holiday..i dont know about the rest of you but it didn't feel like christmas to me this year..not until christmas eve/day. Probably because i didn't get to do a bunch of present shopping..which i really love. Giving gifts is my very favorite thing. But anyway, that was our little holiday.

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