Nearly Done Nursery

 I am so much in love with my little baby boy. Its taking a little while to get back in to the swing of things. We did take our first trip to the thrift store today, he wasn't very happy he cried most of the time. He just wanted to eat and be held so it was a short trip. But I did manage to find more designer ties, a 70s cowichan cardigan and a few little girl's dresses. We also FINALLY got the nursery finished...well, mostly finished. There are still a few things to finish and a few more pieces to get for the room but I think it came together pretty well.
 Here is my little man, just out of the bath and in his room for the first (extended period of) time
 view from the hallway, you can see his swing a gift from grandma, the rocking horse and some of the blankets we've received hanging on the crib.
 Thrifted artwork with painted frames and tons of clothes (his on top, shop on bottom)
 We got lots of balloons at the showers, I'm not quite sure what to do with them so they just kind of hang out in his room right now. You can see his dresser, the red baskets are his toys, frames on top, rattles, stuffed animals and larger toys in the bottom drawer. I want to upgrade to something like this, this or maybe this..we also put in the little boat coat rack at "kid height" and his tummy time mat was a gift from his great grandma.
 The top of the dresser is kind of a mess right now filled with some fun thrifted items, a piggy bank, some books and a picture of daddy as a baby that I'm going to put in one of these frames.
 I love his crib, for now the mannequins still live in his room...probably until he starts crawling or until we have the extra cash to get some lights for the basement.
 My favorite part of his room is his ship. We found this locally at a second hand shop, its awesome and huge, I paired it with some seagulls I thrifted over the years, I'm going to paint them all realistic seagull colors..eventually.
On the end of his crib hang my baby blanket (white) and a gorgeous blanket a co-worker crocheted for the little man, the color is stunning. I should've got a better picture of it... so yeah, that's his nursery. I still have his pom's to put up over his dresser but we're pretty close to being done. I think it turned out really cute.

My next post will be for all those new moms out there, what I couldn't live without (so far).


art deco dame said...

it looks cute!And pretty darn well put together considering he showed up so early on you!

Lady Lux Vintage said...

He's adorable and the room is so cute. Great job!

Bunny Moreno said...

I love that ship and seagulls as they are-love it! His room is so cozy! He wont be spending much time there anyway in the beginning so take your time finishing it. It looks finished to me though-great job mama! xox

CassieSue said...

Aww. I am already having baby-itis, wanting a second child, right now my daughter is 21 months old and seeing your cute new baby boy and his awesome vintage nautical room makes my ovaries scream! :D He is adorable and your style for everything is perfect! Gah!

MistressCatgirl said...

The nursery turned put great. Your little boy has a nice head of hair.