Thursday Thrift

Its a lovely sunny day here (for once) and I was able to take photos today of some of the inventory I picked up this week. There are still a couple more things to shoot and then I still have the kid's clothes to do but here is nearly everything found this week. I will admit I bought a lot of cute nautical decor for the nursery this week too..teehee

 Bright and shiny silver swing rain coat...this is so "spy film" to me...love it
 a pixel print sun dress in a larger size
 men's (or ladies) rust orange cardigan
 cropped 70s faux fur jacket with "hoodie" pockets
 chevron stripe sun dress
 peach and gold dual strand necklace with that lovely moonstone sheen
 MOD patriotic brooch
 seagull brooch, I've got one just like it!!
 very large wicker beach tote
 3 men's designer ties. YSL, Hermes and Burberry (in that order)
A set of brass candle sticks..smaller than the ones already in the shop. They haven't been polished yet but they will be, before they're listed.

I picked up another little girl's dress and still havent photographed the hat I picked up last week. We've been busy working on the nursery..and having really crappy weather so I haven't been able to photograph anything this whole week. HOping to get caught up this weekend and release more items in the shop next week.

Oh and there is a 35% off weekend sale running in the shop Saturday and Sunday so if you're not into watching the super bowl..you can go save some $ on vintage, instead. ;)


CassieSue said...

lovely choices, I love mr. seagull.

PuppyLovePrincess said...

oh... i love that sundress!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

also, i wanted to tell you that i love how you group your etsy shop items by color. SO PRETTY!