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Its a snowy day here in the North-West so of course I'm thinking about beautiful spring pieces and where better to look than with the sponsors? Created and Collected is one of my favorite shops on Etsy, I bought one of my very favorite summer dresses from them last year, My DeWeese. I wear it all the time, or at least I will be when the weather permits as well as this "tweet" skirt. Here are some beautiful springy finds from Created and Collected.
 This DeWeese is sure to have you thinking of warm days and sandy beaches.
 This Roxanne swimsuit fits in all the right places and the colors are gorgeous
 How could you not be in love with this Alex Coleman novelty print dress? Adorable!!!!
 This perfectly tailored John T Shane suit has details to spare, you're going to love this from spring to autumn
 This embroidered Saks party dress is wedding-worthy.
 Also plenty of beautiful jewelry in the shop like this amazing rhinestone pin (and earring set)
 You can't beat an Emma Domb for classic elegance, shelf bust and rhinestone studded bodice..pure perfection in springy yellow!
 Also beautiful decor is waiting in the shop for you, check out this 3D ceramic horse head!
And to top it off how about some Joan Holloway style because lets face it, we all want to dress that understated-sexy..at least once in a while.

Now this is just a very small fraction of the 9 pages of beautiful items that can be found in the Created and Collected Shop. Have a look, won't you?

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