Dress Week Tuesday

Dress Week: Day 2
- Mine Now..
I don't usually borrow things from my shop, or keep them for that matter but this sweater matched my new DeWeese dress too perfectly not to keep.
I was actually in a panic when I was getting dressed because the sweater I thought I was going to wear with it didn't match the green at all. It was too "kelly green" and the other green sweater I have is too "acid green" and I have no neutral sweaters, no black, no white...I would've worn my yellow but its wool and my allergy prevents me from wearing it against so much exposed skin.
Then my brain went "DING" the yellow an green cardigan in the shop is my size.
And well, now its mine.

Oh, here is a pic without the sweater.
p.s. if you don't have a DeWeese, you should get one..they're crazy flattering! I think I need more.

Speaking of my shop..there are almost 40 new listings in there here are just a few...

Shoes, Dresses, Swimwear, Tops and lots more!
PLUS I just reduced prices all over the shop and restocked the Sale section!


Blackberry said...

A nice summer outfit.

Carys said...

That dress is beautiful, I love it! Cute with the cardigan too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Anonymous said...

love the print on that dress, and you're right-it looks great with the sweater. i do that with things in my shop all the time. perks of the job ;)

Shiraz said...

The sweater looks like it was made to go with the dress. They're adorable together.