The New Girls

I've been searching for more/new dress forms for a while. I was considering buying a new one..actually I still am. I was looking at these ones.
from Roxy Display. They have others, proper "dress forms" these ones are just body forms so they're pretty reasonable price-wise. And I could really use a new one with legs that I can pin items to and I was actually saving up for this one, when my Brother in Law and Mother in Law found me 2 gorgeous dress forms for me for a steal! Just $25 for the pair!
Here are all the girl's together. Bridgette, Bettie, Audrey and Marilyn...yes I name my dress forms..
Bettie is our new plus size dress form with adjustable sizes from 16-22

Audrey is our XS dress form covering sizes 0-4

and of course you know Bridgette and Marilyn
Bridgette is our mannequin with legs and is the most..ahem..anatomically correct of the girls. She is a size 2/4
and Marilyn is my first dress form, (size 6/8) I've had her for years. She's short, well under 5 feet so she gets to stand on boxes all the time to wear those maxi's you see in the shop.

I think we've got just about every size covered now so I probably won't have to model items anymore...but you never know. I may not be able to resist.


Irac said...

Such lovely ladies! :)

iron orchid vintage said...

Hey! Your Bettie matches my Suzie! Lol, that sounds awkward!

Bombshell Bettie said...

hehehehe love it!