Estate Sales - Day 2

Well day two wasn't as fruitful as day 1 but still lots of pretty things to be had for me and you! Started out with a sale I was really excited for, it was supposed to be the estate of an antique shop owner (sounds good, right?) well, it just turned out to be a back yard full of junk. Kind of a bummer, but moving on..my hubs and I just went driving around looking for estate and yard sales. Found a few good ones. Stopped by the neighborhood I spent a lot of my childhood in, at my grandma's house. Stopped by a "dig for treasures" estate sale where I found some shoes.
and a sewing bag that I didn't smell until I got home and then WHOA so I threw it away. Oh well, it was only $1. Then I stopped by a sale with the most gorgeous 1940s/1950s bedroom set with frame, vanity and dresser...and it was only $150...I could've died. If I would've had a truck It would be mine.
They were miss labeled as 1920s..but ya know, they obviously didn't do their research if they're selling it for so little. I don't expect it will be there long. If anyone who knows anything about vintage furniture sees it, they'll pick it up in a heartbeat. Well around that same neighborhood I found a couple more sales. One with a neat little sliding basket thingy that is already full of shoes and other random stuff. I could've used about 3 or 4 more, I'm in need of more storage, badly.
Not too far from that one, around the corner actually. Was a sale with some surprising vintage finds..
sheer 80s lace maxi
with blue trim, rose buttons and butterfly pattern
gorgeous hostess dress
pretty beaded collar.
Then the hubs and I took a drive all over the south hill area (aka, the rich neighborhood in town) and there were a few sales, mostly creepy culdesac sales. Not my cup of tea those cookie cutter development neighborhoods...no thanks. But yeah, not much there. I did find a pretty little prom dress at a sale with two huge round clothing racks that I was coveting pretty hard. I could've used those. Can you tell I'm in need of storage? Maybe I should have a big sale and liquidate some of this inventory to make some room....hmm.
Isn't it pretty? I love the two tone pinks
Lastly we stopped by a sale that apparently we should've stopped by earlier. It looks like they could've had a lot of clothes bu were pretty cleaned out by the time we get there. But I did find a couple things.
found this gorgeous curtain fabric that I think would make a beautiful dress (or two) I like thick dresses.
12 yards of it, uncut with the original tag on.
so pretty :) I'm so excited.
a pretty hand painted 40's wood hanger
I'm all about the display hangers lately.
Well that's it. There are a few more sales that are "sunday only" so we'll be hitting up those tomorrow...and hopefully plenty of photos of the new items!


art deco dame said...

ohhhh loving the bedroom set!This is why I'm convinced I need a old 50's station wagon to fit all my thrift and estate finds in

Florence Annie Frost said...

Cute stuff! Oh and I love the shoes from your last post. Great finds!

Florence Annie Frost