Making Room

Hey everyone!
There is a 50% Off Sale going right now in my shop! Friday Only! Trying to clear out as much room as I can for my new shop so buy buy buy! My goal is to sell 16 things today to get me to an even 650 sales! I won't be holding items so everything is up for grabs! Get them before they're gone!!

Lots of really great stuff: Shoes, Purses, Tops, Jackets, Skirts, Dresses, Designer Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Kids Clothes, Handmade, Decor, Jewelry, Hats and MORE!  
All the sale items are also half off too
Prices as low as $4!!!!!!!!


Sara said...

I just watched some of the items and there were couple pretty ones, but I don't understand that shipping method, does it really mean that if I for example buy two items instead of one, the shipping is much more cheaper? (sorry my poor english, this just bothers me.. :D)

Bombshell Bettie said...

no, that doesn't sound right. it depends on the items you get. some items go flat rate some dont.