Dress Week Wednesday

Dress Week: Day 3
- Wardrobe Staples

Remember how I was just saying I don't usually take things from my shop. Well this dress is the very first thing I ever took out of the shop, after several people insisted that I had to keep it...so I did. I love shirtwaist dresses, they're probably the #1 staple in my wardrobe. Super flattering, easy to dress up or down. Other items my wardrobe can't live without: brooches and leather flats. I'm trying to wear my gloves more and more, I think its something that should be brought back, not just for winter.

Dress: Originally from my shop
Starfish Pin: Denise Brain
Gloves: Courtesy of Revolving Styles
Shoes: Ebay

Oh, just in case you were wondering there are 48 new items in my shop so far this week (there were 50, but the 70s dresses are going fast) I put in a bunch of shoes today from that NOS lot I purchased. Still plenty more to come. See whats new. See whats on Sale.

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