Thursday Thrift + New Shop Sneak Peek

Good afternoon, its thursday and you know what that means, thursday thrift! Hooray! I still have plenty of inventory left to list from other shopping trips so I didn't buy too much this week, instead I'm stocking up on supplies for my new HANDMADE shop!

 plus size (modern 16/18) bohemian calico print dress with eyelet neck
 70s rose mini
 80s peacock beaded silk blouse in berry
 70s ruched side "modesty" swimsuit
 60s/70s hawaiian jumpsuit

 80s tapestry frame clutch
 merlot gold chain fold-over purse
 40's plastic cube clutch..have you ever seen anything like this before?
 needs some repairs, but i could not resist...so cool!
 EEEEEE! I am in love with this his/hers piggy bank!
 60s seagull desk ornament
 multi strand plastic necklace
 kitty decided she wanted to come see what was new too!

now for the peek at what i've been up to

 some fabrics i'll be using
 here are some finished products.
I love this fabric, wish i had more of it!

I'll be putting stuff in the shop hopefully by next week. I'm going to be working all weekend plus i still need to make a banner and decide what I want the photos to look like...so much to do, but I'm stoked! I will be kicking off the shop with a giveaway so stay tuned!

have a good day!

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oh, you're such a tease! ;)