Dress Week Saturday

Dress Week: Day 6
- technically a dress..

Well with the mega warm weather we had today I was much more in the mood to wear shorts and a tank top than a dress, so I went with the next best thing. A mini dress made with shorts under. I know, very '90s of me. Sorry for the blurry pics, I took them late in the day and my camera is touchy with poor lighting. It doesn't like to focus when I use the remote. I am not in the habit of wearing mini dresses, this is one of 2 i have that go above the knee and I wear both of them with pants under them. I am not a fan of showing that much leg. I'm all about the 40% rule.

Dress: DKNY (thrifted)
Sweater: vintage (thrifted)
Brooch: handmade by me
Shorts: hydraulic (macy's)
Sandals: payless


Anonymous said...

i do the same thing with dresses that go above my knee. i just can't seem to function without flashing anyone in skirts that are shorter than knee length. plus i'm turning rather prudish in my old age!

i have very much enjoyed your dress week :)

Coedith said...

I've loved your dress week posts! I have gotten to where I have some type of shorts under most dresses, petty pants or spanx mostly. Somehow I have become even less graceful as I age and have a hard time keeping my skirts where they need to be : )