Thursday Thrift

Hooray, thrifting! Went for the first time last week and again this week. Finally got some lovely weather to take pictures and new items are coming to the shop sooooon! (monday, soon) can't wait!!! Have a look at what is coming..
 black cocktail dress
 with this sweet sunshine shawl
 gorgeous lace dress with flowing nylon skirt
 embroidered sheath dress
 more drsigner ties, hermes, ysl & dior
 lovely embroidered petticoat
 embroidered little girl dress
 tie dye sheath dress
 plaid sun dress with matching cardigan
 leather play suit
cowichan reversible coat
 lovely 70s floral dress

 60s trapeze wedding dress
 satin maxi
 with matching jacket
 orange sheer 60s little grl dress
lace up back
thats all for now, look for some items as early as monday