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Ms Norman Jean sitting on a beach
This week's inspiration comes to us again from tumblr and this time its the lovely Norma Jean Baker. Usually she's known for her sexy, flirty wiggle dresses but this time we're looking at the casual side.
Ya'll know I love nautical so this outfit is right up my alley. Its very easy to to put together and looks great on just about every body type.
The key elements that make this look work are: The feminine lines on the sweater show off the top while the fitted top to the jeans keep the feminine line going and then the flared leg transition into the more masculine look with the loafer.

This cropped stripe blouse is perfect for the beach or the city. Love the little details on the shoulder too.
What to look for: cropped length or able to tuck in, simple lined, stripes with white, shoulder or collar detail.
My Top 3:
Great "custom" blouse from nudeedudee, known for their 40's reproductions
This one is a little more "kitchy"but i think its cute and the length is great for high waisted pants, this one from ramblinvintage
This blouse has that great shoulder detail and would look cute tucked in or out of high waisted pants. SallyJaneVintage
Also look at this blouse, this sweater, this sweater (if its a little chilly) and this top.

These high waisted dungarees are great for any time of the year, they're a great weekend look and fit well with any retro or modern style.
What to look for: high waist, fitted through hip, side zip, loose leg, cuff or shorter length
My Top 3:
Bernie Dexter dungarees (shown in black) from berniedexter.com exactly the look i would recommend
jaw-dropping handmade dungarees from GypsySkirt
gorgeous red top-stitched NOS dungarees from RealGone
also try these, these for a more fitted look and these custom capris.

The shoes are fantastic, they really help to take this casual look and make it classy. Love the masculine line but you can get a more feminine line with masculine details or colors if you prefer.
What to look for: "penny" loafers, low or no heel, leather or canvas, any color
My Top 3:
This great "deck" loafers have gorgeous details from CaffeineQueenie
Add a pop of color (no need to be shy) with these penny loafers from lisazain
These penny loafers look almost identical to norma jean's other than the color. these would be a great option from havelovewilltravel
also have a look at these, these and these.

Now i don't know if you noticed but she is also wearing a simple silver bracelet around her wrist which i think is the perfect way to top off this look. It looks to be a simple silver bangle with a small stone (or watch face).
What to look for: single bangle/watch, silver, 1 medium to large stone
My Top 3:
This gorgeous bangle holds petrified wood, quite a unique conversation starter I must say. From StarvingArtistsDsgns

don't want to spend too much money? how about this easy singe "gem" bangle from FrostedWillow, its just $12.50
This one is my personal favorite, I think the beach glass complements the nautical look of this outfit perfectly. This one is from ScarboroughSeashells
Also have a gander at this one, this one and this one.

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Get the Look" I'm always looking for submissions for outfits to re-create here. Shoot me an email with your vintage photo submission.


Ritahayworthfan said...

I adore this look!

rosie-alia said...

This is a great little look, thanks! x

Zohar said...

I really adore this feature! Such great finds everytime :)

Miss Emmi said...

I love this new feature - can't wait to see more.

Hep~Kitten said...

Such a great look my mom has some similar jeans in her etsy shop =)

Tara Beaulieu said...

I did a senior project on the life and styles of Norma Jean and this photo is one of my favorites (of course I am a beach gal at heart, so that helps!)

Thank you for including my sea glass bracelet, I'm honored. This is a great blog!

Hot Rocks said...

Cute look! love the green striped tee and the Bernie Dexter dungarees.