Double Trouble (Raleigh & Revolving)

Uh oh! Did I hit my head? Looks like I'm seeing double with my awesome sponsors
Raleigh Vintage and Revolving Styles.
Or as I like to call them, R & R. Both filled with the highest quality vintage, gorgeous photos and excellent deals.

Here comes double vision.
Gorgeous floral bags with round handles -
Top: Raleigh / Bottom : Revolving
Lacy lemon dresses with big bows -
Left: Raleigh / Right: Revolving
Pink shift dresses with jewelry detail
Left: Revolving / Right: Raleigh
Sexy peep toe 40s pumps
Top: Revolving / Bottom: Raleigh
Oh so classically sexy eyelet LBD's
Left: Raleigh / Right: Revolving

Check out both Raleigh Vintage and Revolving Styles and see if you can find more matches....either way you're bound to find something you want from both these top-shelf shops!
Pssst Revolving Styles is having a 15% off sale right now!

1 comment:

Isaac & Andi said...

great minds...
i've always LOVED revolving styles' stye, so i guess i'm not surprised that we've ended up with some "twins"! :-)

raleigh vintage