The Littlest Bombshell

I just had to share this sweet little lady wearing her vintage pinafore from my shop. This is sweet Gemma "Bird" with puppy Frances of the Bleu Bird Vintage blog. 
 Isn't she just the cutest?! I do believe she's our littlest "Bombshell" so far!
(if you've got photos of you, or your kiddos in a Bombshell Bettie frock I'd love to see and share them!)
  Make sure to check out Mommy Ms James' adorable family "What We Wore" posts, great kid-friendly DIY's and inspiring posts about her life. 
Reminding us that just because you have little ones is no excuse to give up your style!
Have a great night


art deco dame said...

so stinkin' cute!

victoryvintageb said...

I love that! More mommies should buy vintage for their toddlers! Adorables!

N.MΛRIE said...

SO cute! I can't wait to put my little nugget in vintage :)