Holiday Pics

Every year my hubs and I do some candid holiday photos in the park for our christmas cards. This year I think they turned out extra goofy. Last years were pretty, the leaves were all over the ground and I was wearing one of my favorite vintage dresses. This year I didn't have as many clothing options because of my big ol' belly but I did still manage to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses. A wool wiggle dress with (luckily) plenty of stretch.
These photos are also different from last year in that there was really no sun out, I usually pick a nice sunny day in October but I just couldn't organize things in time. It gives the photos a much different look to the ones we've had in the past.

Here are some of my favorite photos..
 If you follow me on twitter, this pic is probably familiar to you already, its my new avatar. I dont know what it is about this picture but I adore it. I'm really going to miss this bump when its gone..but I'll have a sweet baby boy to keep me busy.
 I love this pic, as you can see I'm pretty darn big now, 24.5 weeks..nearly 3rd trimester already..wowie.
 just me, baby and a tree
 My baby gut is finally bigger than my hubs' regular gut..hehe
 This pic...oh gawd, I don't know what was going on...but it cracks me up so hard every time I see it. As you can tell we don't take anything too seriously...not even holiday photos

Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Necklace: "Bettie" by tree and kimball (yes, its named after me!!!)
I'm also wearing polka dot tights..which you  can't see here and red, plaid shoes.

Since we're here I should tell you about the 40% off sale happening today ONLY. The sales from the holiday weekend were great, but I still feel like the shop is a little too crowded for the rest of the holiday collection AND all the other handmade brooches I have. 
I'd like to list them in the shop asap so please, shop shop shop.


Bunny Moreno said...

The pics came out super cute and your baby bump is gorgeous! Ahhh memories hehee

xox Bunny


art deco dame said...

you guys are so cute!The last photo had me cracking up.Love your baby bump!

Solanah said...

Hahaha! That last one is my favorite. Frame it and put it in babys room, lol.