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I've done my very best to stay away from pintrest because I know its going to be a time-suck...but it IS full of lots of lovely and inspiring things, especially when you're trying to redecorate your home. I love my family photos but I am sick of how they are being displayed right now tons of pictures in 1 plain, boring black frame. I've got 4 of the darn things and I just really want something different. I love the idea of a gallery wall...but I dont want it to be organized or match I want pure chaos, tons of different frames, maybe a few different colors, lots of texture and as many photos as I can fit!

Here are some of my inspiration photos from pinterest and the web.

I really like the bold mix of art, photos, frame sizes..so much to look at, very interesting! 
Ok, this is probably a bit much for me...but this is the FEEL i'm going for.
I noticed a lot of the "how-to" for gallery walls have fun things added like letters and unique decor pieces..I love these birdcage frames.
 I have tried to track down these birdcage mirrors, i found them on pinterest and tumblr but no one seems to have an origin link. So please, if you know where this image is from or where you can find these birdcages let me know so I can get this linked correctly.
 This is exactly what I want, lots of photos, different frames and sizes and that little chalkboard in there is precious!
 our fifth house (blog), found via pinterest, they didn't link the original post and I couldn't find it..sorry.
 love the mix of vintage photography and art prints..i may have to try some of that too
this is probably what my hubs would like to have..still organized but random..that may be part of his OCD..hehe
 Martha Stewart via The Creative Mama
This is so fun! I love this..i love everything about it.
lots of purdy frames found here, i can also see some old family photos..we dont have any of those but that would be fun to add to a collection.
I like how different everything is on this wall...but i don't like how it goes all the way to the ceiling..but not the floor..
here is one I'd want to add to my wall, I wonder if you can get it in custom colors... 
since the gallery wall will be right to the right when you walk in the front door it would be fun to greet people as they look at the photos, maybe with a "hello" sign.

Next stop is the thrift store to find interesting frames to paint, I want to do black, white and gold. Wish me luck!


Stephanie Lynn said...

I love my photo collage! It's pretty random but the nice thing about random is you can always add to the outside when you get more pictures!

Charlotte said...

I'm always on the lookout for cool frames in charity shops - they almost never have any though! :(

I have a collection of framed vintage stocking packages above my desk, but I'm thinking of expanding the gallery a little - I especially love the idea in one of those pictures of having a big old letter in the mix for interest.

xx Charlotte
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