Ok kittens, second to last birdie has just found a new owner thanks to my trusty random number generator...but we'll get to that in a second.
First I'd like to know how you liking the birdies? Do you think they would make a good gift? Is there anything else you would like to see? I have lots of other brooch shapes in my shop.
I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am :D I wear mine all the time...yes I have some for myself too, I can't let you guys have all the fun, all the time ;)

Before I announce the winner I have a few more announcements...very exciting ones!

1. Birdie Brooches are being listed this weekend!
2. Starting Friday I'm having a 25% off SALE to celebrate my 25th birthday...as you may have heard from the Huzzah blog post... ...or seen the new banner on Vixen Vintage Blog
(did you see her latest outfit post..OMG!)
3. Nov 1st I'm sponsoring a Giveaway on Huzzah! I won't give up too many details but you'll get the chance to win 1 of 2 things...and one of them is a NEVER BEFORE SEEN birdie brooch shape!!

Alright...I know you've all been waiting (probably not very patiently) for me to announce the winner...and this week's winner is lucky #3...
Vintage Seen of Vintage Seen Blog, @wildfell_hall on twitter and WildFellHallVintage her shop is GORGEOUS with lots of pieces I'm pining over!

Congrats hun!

So sorry if you didn't win this week's birdie brooch..you still have 1 more chance to win...or you can purchase your favorite one from my shop this weekend. Thanks to everyone who entered!
If you didn't win the birdie, you still have time to enter the Dress Giveaway sponsored by RareEssenceVintage she seriously gorgeous items at crazy good prices...AND she is having a Pre-Holiday Sale right now...so her low prices are even lower! I know!
If you're interested in becoming a BBV sponsor please email me via my profile!
Have a great week everyone!

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va said...

Congrats to the winner ! :)