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My adorable friend Des is raising money via her Etsy shop ArtDecoDame for a car so her husband (who just moved back from Alaska, after being apart for several months) can find a job and actually get to it.
Being without a car is ROUGH, I seriously do-not-know how my hubs and I ever got anything done before we got a car back in April. Everything was about the bus, getting to the thrift was a 3 hour round trip...and thats just if I went to 1 or 2. Now we can go to the store when we need something...when before we would go once a month, when we could get a ride from someone or we would have to wait until we were out of almost everything before we could go because we couldn't just be going every time we ran out of bread and cucumbers...so I can only imagine what its like for Des and her family of four!
Please send Des some love by stopping by her shop and purchasing some gorgeous vintage goodies for yourself or maybe as a gift for the holiday season that is quickly approaching (thanks ebay for the reminder every time I log in...jerk)
She has some really gorgeous things she's added to her shop lately, lots of pretty fall pieces and housewares, like:
This amazing pleated dress, how no one has picked this up yet..I'm kinda like...wha? I love it. It so reminds me of the best of fall and summer with the deep cocoa with the pop of aqua.
I call it the Peacock Dream Dress because I used it in my first peacock treasury :)
She has lots of beautiful jewelry. I have received 2 pieces of jewelry from her and they are my favorite pieces. I wear them ALL-THE-TIME!
Aqua Rhinestone Brooch
I am in LOVE with this set. What ever happened to matching bags and shoes...? Its so damn classy!
True Blue Set
Another great, easy dress with shelf bust so you can dress it up or down. Perfect autumn plaid don't ya' know.
Pretty in Plaid
I posted this one up on my twitter after I was looking through her shop earlier, I love the details on the pocket and across the bust. This is the ideal LBD, not too dressy but not too casual. Fits where it should and doesn't show too much. LOVE!
Black Beauty
These earrings are lovely, very rockabilly to me..I think they would be so pretty for a winter wedding.
Wood and Rose Earrings
WHOA! I don't know how I missed this gem but this Catalina tiki suit is GORGEOUS! If you're escaping the winter weather, you should be taking this suit with you! Its a generous size too 40-30-38! If my hips were smaller I would snatch this up in a heartbeat!
Tiki Goddess Playsuit
Weather outside frightful? How about something delightful?! Love this pumpkin cape with plaid lining!
1970s Poncho Cape
Christmas? how about Kitschmas? These 3 elves are a steal at just $7, and that is $7 closer to her car goal!
Merry Kitschmas Elf Ornaments
Lastly I'll show you this beautiful golden-yellow cardigan with oversized cable knit and big knit buttons. I love cardis like this! Another generously sized item I wish I could pick up...but I'm allergic to wool...which is the most inconvenient thing EVER for a cardigan/vintage lover! You should pick it up though another great deal at just $24!

I've got 3 things from Des' shop over the years...She's always got gorgeous pieces at shockingly low prices. Take advantage of the deals people! You don't find vintage this inexpensive anymore. And these are just a FEW of the items in her shop...if I had included everything in her shop I think the post would be about 237 pictures long...
So check out her shop..and blog (she is wearing an adorable pink shift in her latest post) and help her get closer to her $500 car goal!
Lets Get Shopping!


art*deco*dame said...

Aw shucks thanks for the feature

Darlene said...

That's so sweet. All the items are very reasonably priced.