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Do you ever find one of those shops where you you think "there is no way, it could get better than this!" and then you go to the next page...and WHOA! Well I've got a shop like that to share with you tonight.
The shop is Miss Farfalla's Vintage Clothing
I've actually been talking with the owner Chris for a while. She is just a delight, the sweetest lady in the whole world. We send convos back and forth on Etsy 2 or 3 times a week.
I love to make treasuries based on her amazing finds.
Here are some of them
Fairest of Fall
That Fall Feeling
All A Flutter
Winter Blues
Purrrrrfect Evening
and here are some of the amazing pieces you can find in her shop, right now!
Stunning mermaid wiggle dress with floral lace overlay
Gypsy Rose Lee Dress
I am in love with this hat..its spectacular..and of course, its YSL!
Down The Rabbit Hole with Yves Saint Laurent
This dress...OMG! The print is spectacular, built in crinnine and a generous size.
Joan Barrie Autumn Cocktail Dress
OOOOH I love this dress, the color is def my fav of the season!
Goldenrod Meadow Shirtdress
I've been drooling over this hat for ages. I wish I wore hats more often so I could justify the purchase.
Queen of the Harvest Hat
This lovely top is so dainty, i love the ruffles at the waist and sleeves.
Orange Roses and Pink Butterflies
I want this too...but how could you NOT want a cherry print bag?
Grandma's Folk Art Sweet Cherries Needlepoint Bag
I think these were the first thing I ever saw from her shop. I LOVE them, so rockabilly! Don't they make you just want to picnic?
Doris Day Clover Stilettos
URG, this one is my size too...I love the print. Chess pieces, boats, butterflies. Lovely.
Antiquarian Librarian
Don't you just LOVE 40s color palates!?
She Was Just So Abstract
You can't go wrong with a lovely dusty blue prom dress, can you?
A Fairy Blue Prom
Are these boots not perfect for fall? I love the top stitching and the deer head on the calf.
Frye Black Label Campus Boots
This one I'm actually purchasing for myself...sorry ladies. I fell head over heels for the print. Isn't it darling?! I practically begged her to hold it for me, luckily she is a dear and said she would...unfortunately as soon as I put something on reserve the vintage gods frown on me and take away all my sales...shame on me buying things for myself...but I HAVE to have this dress.

I almost hate looking through Chris's shop because there are so many gorgeous things in my size. I swear she is doing it on purpose. ;) So if you're around the same size as I am 40-29-40ish then you'll find about a billion things you want...and they'll actually fit you! (don't you just hate falling in love with something that is WAY too small...boo) Happy hunting my dears
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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jen fleck @ jumblelaya said...

Woweeee, thanks for turning us on to this shop. Several of the pieces are giving me twitchy fingers (as in, I so want to click to purchase). Fierce campus boots...oh, what size are they? And the cherry bag. And the soft 40s dress...

The car dress is adorable...can't wait to see pix.