Always Classy: Raleigh Vintage

If you didn't already know I love Raleigh Vintage. I check the store religiously, there are always things I want and the items go so fast if I don't snag it right away, I miss my chance. I hope you're not missing a piece you could be in love with right now, have a look:
Already, ready for spring with this bright sun dress
Have I told you how much I love "sweater girl" sweaters?
Perfectly pink cocktail dress, ready for a valentine date
LBD with embroidered and beaded collar and peplum
corde bag...need I say more?
The perfect wiggle dress
look at the lace on this...stunning!
I know its almost wedding season and this would be the perfect gift for the bride-to-be
va-va-voom! (this was the inspiration behind my Polar treasury)
I love the buttery golden color of this cardigan, its the kind of color that would go with everything
Studded 40s peplum dress, studded...LOVE
never worn AMAZING bow pumps in the perfect cocoa...ugh! I wish i had small feet so I could buy up all the amazing vintage pumps out there.
check out the shop, this is just a taste of the 10 pages of gorgeous vintage up for grabs, you won't be disappointed.


art deco dame said...

Love her shop!

Hep~Kitten said...

That sweater is cute!! I myself am a sweater girl.
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