New Hobby

Staying with the vintage theme but not exactly clothing. My hubs and I have been collecting vintage video game consoles for the better part of the past couple years. Every so often we'll break down and sell a couple when we're tight on cash (or my husband decides he wants another game or phone-thingy or electronic what-cha-muh-call-it) And this time is no different. He's drooling over the new "Nexus 1" google's new phone and of course its $500+ dollars...That still seems lidicris for a PHONE...but what do I know...maybe its made of some rare sort of metal only found in an island run by godzilla and the loch ness monster. Well now we're selling off everything to try to get money in time for the phones release date (which is hasn't even been announced yet...did I say that already..yeah) so we're putting together a collection of 1 NES, 3 SNES', a SEGA genesis and a limited edition N64 from Toys R Us with a gold controller. Well one of the SNES' was all yellowed and yucky looking so my husband thought "hey, why not paint it" and the only color we had was gold. So we painted it gold...and it looks AWESOME! Well now that worked so well, we're thinking "lets paint ALL of them!" so we are! A red and gold one called the "Mario", A pink and silver one called "princess peach" the gold one i've nick-named "pimpin'" and we even decided to paint our own personal one traffic cone fluorescent orange! (one of my fav colors). Its still a work in progress but it sure is fun. I'm hoping these good times will also lead to a good profit toward the hub's new phone. Wish us luck! <3

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