Jump for Jumpers!

There is something so innocent yet sexy about jumper dresses. Commonly used in school uniforms these "suspender dresses" have a bit of whimsy to them. Here are my favorites from etsy sellers. (Click on the picture for the link to the item)

The first one is my fav from denisebrain on etsy she has the most amazing pieces!

Here is a classic example of a jumper in "school girl" fashion, love the color of this. Great for snowy days.
Another classic from retrothreadz. Love the criss-cross of the bust and you can't beat a classic plaid.
Here is the school girl style in a more muted tone. I love this. reminds me that spring is coming!
A printed "pinafore" style jumper with ruffle sleeves by zwizzy. one of my fav sellers on Etsy.here is the modern take of the jumper. A strap skirt from Vivian of Holloway.com (best bombshell clothes ever)

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