Ode to Amazing!

I've admired TimelessVixenVintage for years. After I oogled her items on ebay you can guess I was positively giddy to find her gorgeous items on Etsy too! I could do about 100000 blog posts on her gorgeous dresses. Here are a few of her amazing dresses with layers of tulle....oh yesssssssss!
Copper tulle on sky blue. Just WOW!
Southern Belle - Look at all those ruffles! It also has an over sized bow in the back!
Sculped roses tulle in blue and violet
Midnight Blue over Copper...I'm blown away by this.
Love the sweep of lace over the blue and pink layers. Has a matching lace bolero!
Perfect for valentines day! Red and white tulle party dress!
This one isn't from timelessvixen...but I thought you should see it...its gorgeous. Love the peach and orange...its like a sunset. From another of my favorite etsy stores Thrush.


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Midnight blue and copper - what a beautiful combination!