Little Chief: 5 Months

Holy Moly! Where did my baby go? Corbin is 5 months old now, he is wearing between 9 and 12 month clothing, he is trying to sit up on his own...but he gets so excited he just knocks himself over so we usually practice sitting up on the bed. He loves to play with his feet  now and does raspberries like daddy, drooling all over the place. He can suck his thumb whenever he wants and he actually has a sleeping schedule now!!! WHAT?! I know!
It has been CRAZY hot here, like nearly 100 and super humid so it just makes it even more miserable. I do not enjoy heat. I would like to live somewhere that it was 67 degrees all year. But then I would miss having the snow, so you gotta take the good with the crazy nearly unbearable heat. 
I spotted this outfit on etsy before Corbin was born and my dad bought it for him. I LOVE it!
 Its wool, 1950s sweater and shorts set. I was hoping it would fit for thanksgiving..but yeah..I didn't expect to have such a giant boy already.
 also..I love putting him in separates because then his little belly peeks out the bottom..SO CUTE
 His minnetonka mocs fit him pretty good too..they're still a little long but wearable...and how could I not pair them together?!

Sweater Set..uh. I dont remember. oops
Mocs: thrifted

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Alli said...

Hasn't he grown! He's so gorgeous. Clever boy sitting up! :)