Bathing Suit Sadness

I'm very careful about buying bathing suits. I always check and double check measurements, but that doesn't help if the measurements that are up aren't correct. I bought this amazing late 40's cotton skirted plaid bathing suit from etsy a week or so ago and it arrived today...and it said the measurements would fit me (stretched, which is fine) buuuuut its a Small at the largest. But I did get some good news, its a Cole of California!
Purple and olive plaid~
Smocked back
Adorable details on the bust..it looks like a bow!

Bottom (smocked in back)


Q's Daydream said...

Amazing suit!!!! I'm still looking for the perfect 40s swim suit!

Darla said...

So sad its such a cute suit are you going to keep it.


Betty2Tone said...

That's such a cute suit too!


Bombshell Bettie said...

I'm so sad. I love it. I especially like the odd color combo. ...but..no i won't be keeping it. Its about 3 sizes too small...the last time I was small enough to fit in something this size I was about 17..LOL.
Do you think it would be rude to re-list it right away?