Urge for Oxfords

A fellow blogger Solanah posted up a link of a pair of cute (but overpriced) oxfords on her facebook fan page and I am always on the look out for a good deal so I started looking for some myself, something cheaper that she could buy instead. Well I got a little carried away (like I always do) and it ended up as this featurette. Here are some amazing oxford heels..and maybe some flats too, hehe.

Here is a gorgeous pair of 40's lace up oxfords with ribbon details. These ones are from a cute little shop BettiesVintageline they have a very unique feature an exposed carved wood sole. Very cool.
Here are some great 80s suede oxfords with big bows - I think these would be so cute with spring dresses! From TheLovedOne
I love nickles oxfords. The cute round toe is fantastic. I'd love to have these for myself, they're even my size. (hint hint) hehehe. See these and many other amazing items in the lisazain store
Wow! These are amazing top stitched lace up oxfords with super high wood heels. So hot, you should buy these if they fit you size 6. From lollycripvintage
Tri tone wingtip flats. The leather is so high quality they're so sophisticated. From RedLipsVintage also check out their adorable red sailor dress!
AMAZING green patent oxfords from Thrush. I love the color but I'm not sure what I would wear them with...guess I'd have to buy something to go with them..hehehe.
Here is a classic pair of 70s oxfords. Loving the tassels! These are from lisazain as well.

Below are some of the oxfords I've sold, aren't they cute?!
Shiny gold LA Gear oxford tennies
Orange woven leather flats - love the orange!
Witchy bow flats, Would've kept these if they fit, SOOOO cute!
60s wingtip oxford mary janes - one of my favs.
peep toe 40s lace and velvet oxfords - these were such a find! I hope they're loved wherever they are.

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OneCraftyFox said...

Very fun, I especially like the first pair.