Smart for Spring - Yellow & Gold

Yellow is a classic SPRING color and as the flowers start to peek up from the ground I'm reminded that spring is just around the corner. I'm very excited for the smells and sights of spring. I'm even more excited to add some beautiful spring pieces into my wardrobe. Here are some beauties you could add to yours in yellow.
This dress is gorgeous, its got an amazing gold sheen to the material. Spring party ready! From HinterlandVintage
The color of this cardigan is dreamy. It has that "lighter than air" look its very ethereal. From CustardHeartVintage
Pretty tapestry heels. These have a nice low heel. From DearGoldenVintage
The most beautiful sunny yellow knit suit. 3 pieces, very Jackie O. I love knit suits! RockCandyVintage
Prettiest embroidered 2 piece look pencil dress. This IS spring! fabgabs vintage
I LOVE THESE stacked wood heel pointed toe tapestry. I love the muted color of these. Oh how I wish they were my size. These were the inspiration for this post. NodtoModvintage
Pretty soft chiffon yellow party dress. Has sweet little appliques on the bust and on the skirt. This is so lovely. A great find from nobletownvintage
Another 2 piece look dress with super full skirt. Embroidered tulips on the bodice...I love that! From BrownBagVintage


olygirl said...

Gorgeous choices per usual. I almost feel guilty since you do all the leg work and I enjoy the effortless shopping. :)

I cannot wait for spring and I am hoarding anything pastel, flowery and strappy. I miss the sun.

Bombshell Bettie said...

I love it! I had a dream once to be a peronsal shopper. I love the hunt...probably even more than the result. hehehe. I looked through 200 pages of shoes last night to help someone find a pair of 50s wedding shoes in 5.5 you would think that it would be a common size..but not in white shoes let me tell ya. haha.
I found a sun dress pattern I want to buy and make for myself in 1000 different prints..Its so cute and Its in my size so I'm very excited not to have to alter it. I'll post up a picture and find some prints I want later. I'm not exactly the best at sewing and my machine is down right now..but maybe by summer I'll be ready to go!

Betty2Tone said...

I LOVE everything on this page. Yellow is my fave color, but sadly the one that looks the worst on me!