Alice of Wonderland

As we all know today Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" opens in theaters and I'm seeing this Alice theme everywhere. From creations on Etsy to burlesque pasties. Alice is quite the inspiration. Here is a quick featurette on the items that remind me most of the classic character.

Simple blue bow headband in the softest color. Inspired by Alice, created by BeSomethingNew
The cutest vintage apron ever, buttons up the back, ruffles on the sleeves, a more delicate, grown up piece from erminevintage
The perfect blue shirtwaist dress for today's Alice. Another amazing piece from Planetclairevintage
The perfect vintage soft and frilly crinoline, it looks so soft, you'll would want to wear it to wonderland. You can get it from EntirelyApropos
The perfect black mary janes, you could chase rabbits for days in these sweet suede shoes. From NodtoModvintage

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NodtoMod Vintage said...

fabulous picks! i love all of them! i cant wait to go see the movie!:) thanks a bunch doll! xo