Cocktail Hour

Its cocktail hour here, time to think about what I'd want to wear out for a night cap. I think that the wiggle cocktail dress is THE dress for evening. Its sexy and sophisticated. It is always appropriate, no matter what the occasion. I find that most cocktail dresses are too..um..lets just say over-done for my taste. Simplicity is key when you want to stand out. Pick a simple line in a bold color with a little bit of detail, just enough to be noticed..but not enough that your dress will be a distraction. Clothes are like you're wrapping paper, its lovely..but you really want whats on the inside. Here are my top pics for cocktail dresses (today)

This is the simplest of the simple and I can hardly stand how gorgeous it is! The robin's egg blue is just about enough to make me giddy. The little detail at the waist. Perfecto! thegreedyseagullRed can be an overpowering color, I think this is red-done-right. Button detail at the waist. Little bit of stud detail around the neckline draws the eye up. fancypantsvintage
The little black dress is the classic, you can take this dress to anything and it will work. I like the sequin bust on this one..it adds a little punch to the basic black. Just enough to dress it up..but not so much that you're shimmering from head to toe. storylandvintage
Peachy-Pink in the PERFECT wiggle shape. THIS is the dress I'm talking about. Lovely little leaf in sequins. I love this dress. TheChurchofVintage
I also can't get enough of cocktail suits. They're great for weddings and parties, you look smart and sexy. The neutral color of this beauty is great for any occasion. ExquisiteBones
Brown is an unappreciated color. I love it, its classy and soft. And what is more delicious looking than wearing chocolate? huh? Yeah, thats what I thought. Roses on the hip accentuate curves. If you've got it, flaunt it. zaama
Bold in blue. I think blue is my favorite cocktail dress color. It always makes a statement. Sequins across the waist draw the eye to you. VeryLovelyVintage

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Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Ooh all so yummy! I love the peachy pink one!!