I've always had a love for vintage swimwear and I just adore the ads from the 40's and 50's for Jantzen, Catalina and Cole of California. I have a large digital collection and I use them to make banners for my stores (I just put a new one with bathing suits from a Catalina ad up) I've only recently added to my physical ad collection. I did only have the Cole of California ad with the girl in the strapless smocked swimsuit but I've just bought 3 Jantzen, 1 Catalina and 1 random ad from a seller on etsy..she has great deals for her ads...just $4! Scratch that..make that 7 Jantzen. She just listed more. It says she likes to trade if you don't have the cash...I wish I would've noticed that earlier...LOL I also purchased a beautiful ad in Seattle - for what I don't know..but it has the cutest girl in sunglasses and I just had to have it. I said I would only pay $10 for it because I could find ads online for that much so he gave it to me for 10...but tried to keep an additional $5 when giving my husband change...luckily my husband noticed.. he picked up the right amount of change and then put back a $5 hoping that dumb tourists wouldn't notice..the guy was just as dishonest as he looked..so be careful out there kiddos!

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