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Bettie is yet again the inspiration for tonight's fashion post. Here we see her with Irving Claw and Roz Greenwood, another of Claw's models. She is so sexy and is yet hardly showing any skin. The hint of something sexy is sooo much hotter than letting it all hang out (as the kids say...if that's even what they say anymore) You don't get more classic than a sweater, black skirt and pair of pumps. She's even accessorized with a scarf and belt. Well here is a repo of Bettie's outfit. I bet you can pull it off just as well as she did. Click on the pictures for item links.

Here is the scarf I chose, you could use any scarf, I just like the bold jewel tones in this one and it matches the sweater!
The iconic sweater girl, sweater. Here its in a moss green, 3/4 sleeves, waistband you can belt!
I even found you a shimmering bra (for those who are daring) circle stitched with elastic, this beauty will move with you...and its on sale!
A slightly wider than normal black patent belt. I would wear this over the sweater instead of having the sweater tucked into the skirt...but that's just me.
MEOWZA! This pencil skirt is SMOKIN! You don't get much saucier than this little number. (you could also go for an A line or circle skirt, they're all sassy!)
Here are some repro pumps in the same style as Bettie's...except these are a little more every day..not so much 6 inch.


Betty2Tone said...

This seems like such an easy look to pull off now!


Bombshell Bettie said...

i think simplicity is key for vintage fashion...especially mid century ;)