My Haul

My husband and I took a trip to Seattle this weekend for fun and inventory shopping. :D I went to a flea market and several thrift and second hand stores and found you lots of treasures. Here are most of the new items. I'll post more about my trip later. I'm just so giddy to share my finds with you!
Here is a black 50s beaded cocktail dress. It has a draped back and a bow at the waist.
Fringe like beading
Here is an adorable 80s does 50s pin up swim suit and the debut of my new mannequin Gertrude.
Here are an adorable pair of 50s shortened dungarees with side zipper.
a-darn-dorble 60s op-art sun dress
50s does prairie eyelet and chiffon prom dress in the perfect green.
The neckline is gorgeous!
50s western linen dress in the most incredible salmon color. This one has a few stains so I'll be working on that...but oh man!
Here is a close up of the cute little arrow details.
50s/60s/70s? Not sure about the age, need to research it more. Its a men's bathing suit cover with terry cloth lining. Never been used.
70s polka dot ascot dress
Pretty roses rockabilly A line skirt.
teal 80s day dress
I love this little top, stripes and a breast pocket. Its a maternity shirt!
Here is a close up of the stripes. Can't you just see it with a pair of cigarette pants?
The crispest, whitest, most adorable 40s sailor girl dress. I am so sad this doesn't fit me!
It even has the little stars!
Here is an 80s military silk blouse, NOS with tags. Amazing bead work.
Close up of the embroidered metals.
cherry 70s asymetric button dress.
cute rounded collar cobalt dress
60s trench with daisy buttons and rabbit trim!
50s silk cocktail dress with bows
60s string bikini
crazy vibrant colors, in excellent condition.
I also got 2 pairs of sunglasses and a strawberry beaded hat, but I forgot pictures..sorry


art*deco*dame said...

score!really love the sailors dress too!

olygirl said...

Oh my treasures galore!! What size is the sailor dress? It is my favorite and I need some nautical in my life. :)

Bombshell Bettie said...

the measurements for the sailor dress are
- from shoulders to waist (bodice):14
- from waist to hem (skirt):23