Tootie Fruity Kitchen

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my kitchen forever. I've always wanted something vintage, but not with an "atomic" mid-century theme. As you may know, I'm obsessed with vintage wall hangings. I have 1 (or 3) in every room of the house, even the bathroom. I've got some darn cute seahorses in there! And since my house was built in 1950 its got more of the 40s style, with the rounded cupboards and cut out doorways. So I wanted to keep with that style and not go too over the top with decor but still enough to keep  it cute and cohesive...and since we still (after 4 years) have not painted any of the walls in our house I want to add color too.
A while back I found a set of 2 resin wall hangings, one cherry and one strawberry. The cherry went into the kitchen and the strawberry went into the shop. And it sat...which was kind of shock to me because I thought it was adorable! Well last week, as luck would have it; I found 5 more, in the same style as the two I had. I was thrilled! I snagged them all up and took the strawberries out of the shop, now quite thankful they didn't sell. I've also been amassing a collection of vintage aprons, although I'm not sure why. I've got lots for the holidays and a bunch I thought I would have listed by now. I need to quit being such a slacker with this stuff! So I added 2 sheer, embroidered aprons to my kitchen window as curtains and ta-da! An adorable, cohesive, vintage look. Hooray!
 Here is a shot from the edge of the stove, toward the sink.
 Above the sink
Shot of the "curtains" both embroidered, sheer aprons.

 across the counter & above the stove
 Oh, did I share my vintage stand mixer? I can't remember. I think I did, but if I didn't..
 I don't know about where you are, but its about mid 80s here...and it is exhausting for the poor baby kitty...and me too. I do not like this heat! 

So thats the new look for my kitchen, what do you think?


SusieQT said...

Love that look- very fresh and cute. It's very similar to my kitchen.

Coedith said...

Cute! I like the aprons.