Vacation Day Two, Thrifting

Well I'm not the biggest drinker and since I went out for beers the night before and I had hardly had anything to eat I woke up feeling super sick, but I think it had more to do with the migraine I got from sleeping on a pillow that was too high and kept my neck at a weird angle all night. So after running to the bathroom about a billion times thinking I was going to puke my guts out I power napped and felt back to 100%.

Well needless to say we got a late start that day but the extra time gave my hubs time to find a Map on My Maps by google of someone's list of thrift, consignment, antique, vintage and camera (random) shops so we started in on that. here is the view from my friend's porch, isn't it gorgeous?!
My outfit, seersucker blazer with anchor and seagull brooches, gray short sleeve sweater and jeans because its chilly.

The first store we tried to go by was closed and the next and the next. Finally we looked and saw the map was last updated 2008 so we decided to hit the thrift stores instead since the big ones usually don't close locations. I'm pretty sure we hit every single thrift shop in town plus the Red Light (if you go to seattle you HAVE to check out the red lights i favor the University district one but the one on capitol hill is fantastic too!), Buffalo Exchange (i didn't find anything at the buffalo exchanges they don't really organize their things and its hard go through so many racks when the store is packed ear to ear) and a couple other specialty shops. We got thoroughly lost a few times but it gave me time to snap some touristy pictures :)space needle and harbor
more gorgeous greenery flowing down the walls
me while we're driving around...I love what the seattle air does to my hair..I think its super cute!
a crazy shaped building that I would not want to go in to.
a bridge...I'm not sure what I thought was so special about it.
When we were done thrifting we were trying to meet back up with my friend to go out but we got lost again and some how ended up down by the water...which was lovely.
We finally met up at her house and went to a fun bar called Shorty's. Its an arcade bar and the tables are made from old pin ball tables. We chose the space man one..woot woot!

My buddy giving me the grouchy face...teehee...I love it.
Here is the tabl...its so flipping cool!
Close up of the space man
me and my buddy! I miss her already!
I remembered to drink water this time so I wasn't sick next day....hehehe.


Rothmonsteress said...

You had a lot of fun by the looks of it. :)

Carys said...

Hope you feel better, and these pictures are lovely!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

LadyLace said...

OH this makes me want to go to seattle! you look gorgeous!