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Lets get back to what I'm good at, showing you pretty things you want to buy. Today I was just thinking about sweater pins for some reason. Its 80+ degree weather and I'm wondering about sweaters...thats me for ya. I wear sweaters all year long because of my arms...and I've got a cardigan collection so why hide it..hehehe. Well I had a sweater clip it was pretty much 2 aligator clips with some white beads on a chain in between. It probably cost about 2 cents to make and I think I got it free on a vintage sweater that I paid 25 cents for. It was ugly but I still made use of it quite often..until one of the clips broke off somewhere and now I have a clip with some beads dangling from the bottom...and since 2 of my favorite brooches are were MIA I went a looking for a set of 2 nautical pins and ran across an amazing sweater clip...then I had to look at sweater clips.
Here is that adorable nautical sweater clip. I really wish I had the money to buy it! It would be perfect on my Jumblelaya dress.
Sequins and scotty dogs! Can't you just see these on a pastel pink sweater?! Love it!
Pretty pearls and bouquets. Loos like it would be lovely for a spring outing or easter.
OOh fancy aurora borealis rhinestone sweater clip
Going steady set of adorable sweater clips. I totally love it!
She sells sea shells by the neckline. Colorful sea shells with pearl like beads chain.
Mink Poodles!!! Have you ever seen anything so adorable. This store has 2 sets, one for 10 and one for 20 so seek out the good deal before you buy.
Pretty lady colored rhinestone clip, maybe for your mink or shawl or just dress up every day!
I love these pearl grapes. This is a set I would buy for myself.
Simple set, hey not every day has to be dressed up.
Love this purple set, I wish I had a purple sweater to go with it.
Look at the size of these moonglo stones. Love the asymmetric set of chains and pearls.
More moonglow this time in green with little leaves. Perfect for spring and summer sweaters. I'm thinking PINK!
Beautiful beads and flowers. I love sets with layers and textures.
Little birdies! I bet these little doo-dads hanging off are bells. Oh so cute!
Colored rhinestones go with every outfit!
Gorgeous Autumn clip! Getting ready for the season ahead.
I love these hands holding the sweater on either side. I think my grandma had one like this. Too cute. I love the idea of it.

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LittleRachael said...

I LOVE the first one - and the seashell one is pretty too!!

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