HUGE SALE!!!!!!!

I may have mentioned this but I'm going on vacation for my anniversary..well that was the plan. Going over to seattle and spending time with friends and thrifting my heart out...well that was until This week I had ZERO sales...I put up all my best items on Ebay to get some quick sales..and nothing sold...so now my vacation is in jeopardy..so in order to save my good time from going down the toilet I've put the items back up in my Etsy store at CRAZY LOW PRICES...seriously more than one dress has been reduced by $100! Please spread the news of my sale so I can pick up lots of pretty things to share with you!
Taffeta dress up on ebay tomorrow
wool pencil dress up on ebay right now
amazing rayon dress up on ebay right now
Amazing teal drop waist dress dress up on ebay tomorrow
Reduced by $100 amazing circle dress up on etsy right now!

These and so many more in my stores so please check them out!



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Bombshell Bettie said...

the last dress (black with rainbow) has already sold! Please snatch up these deals, only valid until next wednesday!