Vacation Day Three, More Thrifting

Day three was sunny and gorgeous, the weather was warm. It was the perfect kind of day to go out and do whatevs. So we just tooled around seattle and the surrounding cities. Hitting up the specialty shops and thrift stores. This day was the day I had my first cup of coffee in seattle...if you've ever been to seattle you know that there is literally a coffee shop on every block..and if there isn't a starbucks..there is one of the others, seattle's best, tully's or one of the bazillion cafes. They REALLY like coffee there. And so do I..it was kind of weird for me because I usually drink a pot of coffee to myself every day when I'm at home and it had been 2 days and I hadn't had any yet.
Gorgeous blue sky!
my red and teal mess of an outfit
kev cleaning 4 huge plops of bird poo off the car with my vitamin water
I guess I just wasn't paying attention last time but they have busses on a rail system there...where was I?

Our first stop was going to be Pretty Parlor but they were still closed so we went to the starbucks across the street, grabbed some coffee and headed out to a value village in the area where I found a ton of great stuff and so did kev. I was really excited to try out the other shops in the area where I found more great stuff and we finally made our way back to pretty parlor. They had petticoats hanging from the eves outside (that were all well priced) and when you step inside you're greeted with about a billion adorable dresses handmade and vintage. I wanted to buy quite a few of the handmade dresses but they only came in size small (BOO!) so I didn't buy myself anything. We were soon welcomed by one of the the store cats her name is Petunia..OMG!
She is gorgeous! She has one yellow eye and one blue eye. This is the cat I've always wanted. She is such a character!
awww so lovey!
I bought a couple of things for my shop while I was there. The vintage was kind of expensive for some of the pieces but not more than I would pay if I were shopping for myself but because I was shopping for the store I kept my buying to a minimum.
I bought this adorable pink top (the skirt I got at red light)
and this beehive print skirt! I could NOT pass it up!
They're both already up in my Etsy store

After we left Pretty Parlor we met up with my friend where she works (Cherry Street Coffee House) where I got a tuna salad sandwich and a ginger ale and my hubs tried lamb for the first time in a totally delicious Gyro.
The store had gorgeous trim and details, super high ceilings and a mural
of Michael Jackson?

We went to a few more shops Diva Dollz (on the corner next to the coffee house where they sell reproduction clothing most of the brands from this post and they were supposed to have vintage also but I didn't see any) and were WAY too expensive. You can get better deals online. The girl working was super cute though. All pin-up'd out. I wanted to get this super cute sailor dress but it was like $130 for it and it was pretty simple. Anyway after that we started for Puyallup to thrift there and I found more things at the value village....I seriously love that place!


Rothmonsteress said...

Lots of adventure. :) You aren't the only one with the MJ sentiments regarding that mural at Cherry Street. haha

Jenny S said...

ok...seriously thinking of going on a 3 month fast in order to fit into that beehive skirt

Solanah said...

I want that cat.