My (maybe) new dress and dreaded swimsuit pics

I found an amazing dress on my vacation for a steal, just $15 at a vintage store because it had a split seam at the waist. I bought it with the intention of selling it...but then I made the mistake of trying it on...I was a good girl and wore my longline bra so no more squishy tummy area
And I kind of fell in love with it. I'm really going back and forth about keeping and selling. It has a "tiki house in the jungle" print, my favorite feature (that i really wish they would bring back) the high neck with the low back. SO HOT!!

I've had nothing but "keep its" on my facebook profile...but I'm having major sellers guilt. I don't want to keep it because I know someone else will love it just as much (or more) than myself.

Uhg...and now the post I've been dreading...the swimsuit post. Oh gawd...let me say first off that I'm going on a diet (especially after seeing these pics) I want this to kick start my dieting posts. I'm currently at the heaviest I've ever been Over the past 5 years I've gained 50 lbs (and lost some and gained it back) and I'm just ready to start losing and get back to a weight/size that I'm more comfortable with. I'm going to start with the past 5 years in swimsuits from my store (that fit)
60s drop waist scallop skirt bathing suit in kelly green. I actually had 2 of these, I bought one for myself. Rose Marie Reed
Cole of california 50s swim suit with open back, hard bullet cups and buttons at the neck.
I lost weight for my wedding this ye
70s striped skirted suit in lavender, purple and magenta.
Jantzen teal bikini with bullet bra and high waisted bottoms. This set went to a museum in NY.

My personal set leopard print bathing suit with lace up front, bullet cups and shaping wonderfulness. ( I collect cole of california suits)
very rare navy cole of california suit with tie up bust. This suit is so nautical! Also from my personal collection.
Me, this year. I don't usually do full body shots because of my hideous knees...also why I don't wear shorts or dresses/skirts that go above my knees.
I'm really enjoying my large cans from my weight gain.
My leopard print suit with my second favorite pair of pin up heels.


Rosina Lee said...

That dress is too perfect and a great colour on you, it should be a regular feature in your wardrobe. I adore the scalloped green swim suit on you.

Miss Emmi said...

I actually think your blue 2009 suit looks the best on you - it really makes the most of your assets and appears a lot more structured than the other ones. And please, keep the dress! It's gorgeous on you!

Carys said...

I love that dress, it's such a great print and fit, the fact that you're even considering selling it proves you're a stronger person than I am. Whether you sell it or not, you look lovely!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Atomic Mama said...

You must keep that dress, its perfect for you!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Meow baby! yeah...what they all said, keep the dress it's fab on you!


Tart Deco said...

How about this- you can keep the dress if you pull something else to sell (kind of a swap). If you can't bear to part with anything you already have, then you don't want it bad enough to keep and should sell it.

Charlotte said...

Ooh I LOVE that dress on you! Definitely keep it (I keep doing that too!). Tart Deco's suggestion is good, that you can pull something out of your wardrobe to sell instead (also something I do).

And I love the swimsuit collection!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny

Little Miss B said...

The dress is lovely, and looks really good on you, it would take me some strength to part with such a perfect fit and print! You look stunning in the navy suit, it fits you so well. x

Bombshell Bettie said...

I would take something out of my current vintage collection IF i had more than 4 dresses...I'm not parting with my jumblelaya dress or my fabgabs dress and my 2 80s shirtwaist dresses are practically worthless (which is why it was easy for me to keep them)
Maybe I'll keep it for a year...by next year I hope to have lost enough weight that it won't fit me anyway. :D

Georgia Kent said...

Love the Navy blue suit. You remind me of betty grable :)

LadyLace said...

Girl, I think you look fantastic! There's nothing wrong with filling out your swimsuit! ;) love your posts! I have a dreaded swimsuit photo too on my latest blog. oh gawsh

GingerGirl said...

Ok so,

1st You have freckles, that is awesome!

2nd Don't diet, please, if you want to lose weight or whatever then just make small adjustments to your diet and exercise regime. Like for me I cut out meat except fish and have stopped drinking alcohol. I Do Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and dancing every week ( either clubbing(:-D) or ceroc dance classes) I feel better for it and have keep the soft look which I think is sexy keeps with the vintage look.

Although, My Mum is a Dietician which means I have a balanced diet and a educated source to go to about health.

3rd, I think you have a face and body that looks good no matter what size you are.