Bon Voyage Me!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go! Just waiting for the hubs to get off work so we can hit the road. I can't wait to get to Seattle and thrift my heart out. If you're in the area email me (via my profile) and we'll do lunch or something.
Bags ^

I'll try to update while I'm running around. I'll probably post a bunch of pics on my facebook page too!My travelin' outfit.
Hair Bow: The Polka dot Scarf
Glasses: Vintage, from my own collection
Top: Sailor Jerry
Pants: Hydraulic Jeans
Shoes: well they're not in this pic, but I'm wear a cute pair of sandals I got at payless last year...hey, they were only $12 and they're so comfortable!

All the listings in my Etsy store are down because I'm in vacation mode, just in-case you were wondering. ;)

See you all when I return with a boat-load of goodies!


Anonymous said...

hey you! I just saw the post on Vixen blog about meeting up with you - I recognize that adorable dress!!! You were in my shop this morning in PDX - wish you would have introduced yourself! If you are ever in town again, please feel free to stop by. I actually thought I recognized you from "somewhere"... but I have embarassed myself more than once asking if a person was a blogger I follow and having them look confused at me ;) Have a fantastic trip!

Bombshell Bettie said...

OMG that is so funny! I'm pretty sure I know which shop you're talking about! hehehe I thought that I knew you from somewhere! Awww...we missed out on a blogger meet up! Your shop was so cute!