Vacation Day Four, Meet up and more thrift

Can you tell I did a lot of thrifting? Here is the post you've (probably) been waiting for. My meet and greet with Solonah of Vixen Vintage it was a little out of the way but I don't often get over to the other side of the state and I really wanted to see her in person since she is always so fab in her pics. I thought oh, I had better dress up because whatever I'm wearing she's going to look like a billion times more fab (and she did, she's so bleeping cute) We pulled in to town and turned a corner after a skinny little thing wearing a vintage skirt, cropped jacket and tall leather boots walked across the street...I told my hubs "I bet that was her" and later I would find that yes, it was.
But she and I were a texting and she was currently on her way to have breakfast with her mommy so we thrifted more while we waited. I found a cute top and skirt set and 2 patterns (one i'll be listing) and I wish I had bought all the patterns because they were on sale for $1 a piece! Still kicking myself for that one.Rosebud skirt and top set I picked up at the Antique Mall

We went to a couple smaller thrift stores as well and were going to head back to the salvation army but then Solonah texted to say she was ready and to meet her at this little coffee shop in town. So I'm there all super nervous thinking "she's probably going to think I'm a loser and a phony and hate me in person..boo hoo hoo" i get myself worked up sometimes. And we got out of the car and her she comes all adorable walking across the street and she gives me that huge way too cute smile of hers and I feel much better. She gave me a little hug and we went inside for some coffee...well she had tea, I had a latte with a foam leaf (that would not go away!) and my hubs had a banana, orange and something else smoothie (no thanks, it was kinda yuckers with my coffee) and of course she was too quick for me and paid for my drinks as well...she is such a shitter!
So we sat down awkwardly on the little chairs and couches they had, me in my jumblelaya dress my crinnie with my favorite red cropped cardigan and my nautical brooch set. (I still think my outfit was missing a butter yellow tie)
before lipstick (I always forget until i'm in the car already)
after, in car with lipstick
my nautical brooches anchor and boat from ebay seagull from Art*Deco*Dame on etsy
My crinnie larger shot of my dress
I remember thinking "OMG SHE'S SO TINY..and YOUNG" and then I started feeling old even though I think I'm only two years older than her. I just feel so old..at 24 I feel like I should be 34 or even 44...I'm married, with a house and a mostly successful business and a "career-like" job. I'm so boring...anyway..
We sat there and made small talk and sipped our respective drinks I got lipstick all over the place on that mug... I got lipstick nearly half way around it before I was done...how I'm not quite sure...
She asked me about my hubs and said I was sweet like a billion times and told me how cute I looked (she must've known I was practically a scared kitten). I don't think I asked her anything, I'm not very good in social situations and I didn't want her to feel like its an interview I'm her friend not a reporter. She did ask me about my regular job, the one where I'm not buying pretty things and enjoying myself..and I told her what most people say about their jobs...it sucks. HA!
She suggested we hit up the big antique store down the street so we finished up our drinks (I finally got that damn foam leaf!) and we headed out to our unclean, practically lived in car and headed down to the store. It was huge, 3 stories lots of shiny cases for me to look through. I took my favorite kind of stalker like pics of Solonah walking around.
Me in "Elvis's" sun glasses
Solanah walking around looking at things
Neat little hat box..and hey there is Solanah again.
Looking at the rack where she picked up the black wool sweater, which I almost picked up..
An amazing lamp that I wanted
cute little picture
orange you glad I didn't buy this shirt...well I kinda liked it.
Here is my tea cup...which matches the set below..I found out I have a lot of sets of one.

Solanah's outfit and the black sweater she bought.
She and I posing outside the mall...she said "sorry I look drunk in your pics" I'm like..well I think I look high so we're even...HA. We're a mess. Here is Solanah's Post for better (aka more embarrassing) pics. :)
She headed out to watch TV...I mean very important things that prevented her from going to a reunion and we went out for more thrifting. I came back to town later that day and picked up things from Urban Eccentric since they didn't open until noon I had some time to kill.
I bought this adorable catalina swimsuit with smocked back
love this kelly green blouse
and this flocked circle skirt dress at a steal of a price! Everything you've seen is up in my Etsy store


Rosina Lee said...

I adore your nautical dress, super sweet outfit hope you had a great time!

Carys said...

Looks like you had a great time, I just love those nautical brooches!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Solanah said...

Hahaha! I love your account of our meeting, you're a riot. You looked so cute, I actually felt kind of un-vintage, and felt bad I didn't wear a cute dress like you did!

You can be my creepy antique store stalker anytime!


Lucille Loren said...

Love you both, wish I was there too! xx Lucy