Patterns Part 2

Here is the continuation to the first pattern post, You may notice today's post is a bit earlier than usual, thats because as of today I'm working 4 pm to midnight...boo. The awesome-tastic totally not douchy company I work for decided that the billing team I work on is going to be switched to night shift...oopsies, hope you didn't have a life or anything...can you tell I'm a bit bitter about the whole thing. I've been up since about 7:15 and I've already swept and hand scrubbed the floors (no, I don't have a mop) and I'm sitting down now for a post and some coffee and its only 9:45...its going to be a long day..but anyway, enough complaining! Lets look at some pretty things I want to make!
You may have already seen this pattern on my facebook page...I really want it. Bad. Its totally marilyn..I want it in every color. Its the perfect dress...I wanted to buy it but now its reserved...If its one of my wonderful followers will you let me borrow it from you to make templates from? pretty please!
Have you ever seen something you wanted more than this? Strapless sun dress with tea length skirt and caplet...too cute!
I'm loving these blouses. I thing blouses are looked at now as for the office only, but how cute are these for a stroll around town? I mean.. did you SEE that bow tie? c'mon!
I adore V neck sun dresses, I'm so wanting to make one with ties on the shoulder. How cute!
JUMPER! I love jumpers, love love love them! I think they're so cute with blouses under them in autumn.
I don't' know what it is about this dress but I love it. Its so simple so you could pretty much make it from any material in any pattern and it would be appropriate for any occasion.
Oh yes! Look at the tab on that collar and the pin tucking...hello!
The buttons on this dress! So classic. I'd love to stick some sailor buttons on it and put some navy trim around it. Hello sailorette!
Oh snap! 3 dresses in one! Jumper, under dress or neither..or both...LOL How cute!!!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I want! Do I really have to explain why!
Oversized pocket, check. Sailor style buttons, check, adore, check!
The shape of this is perfect. So classic! Shirtwaist sun dress. Perfect for summer (and hip pockets with button detail! EEEEeee)
Look at that wrap bust and buttons down the side...can you tell I love buttons..cuz I really do!
Play suit WITH matching jacket! So flipping cute! Wish I could wear it!
Ok I really want that skirt with the horsey! Who do kids get all the cute stuff?!

Extra high waist, Flat front, Pleated or pencil...I'll take them all!
I've only ever seen a quilted skirt in person once...and I wanted so badly to buy it but it was about a 20 waist...not exactly going to fit me. I'd love to have my very own!
Another adorable kiddos sailor dress...Pweeese can I have one for big kids...I promise to clean my room.
Bonnie and Clyde's Treasure Trove
Tab neck with button detail. I want that one that is belted with the hip pockets!
Another mermaid style like I ended the last post with but this one has a full skirt with ruffle hem. More the style I could get away with..heheehe.

This still isn't all of the patterns I was looking at, if you want to see them all have a look at my favorites


Jenny S said...

ACK!! I got three quilted skirts this weekend!! Once red...for Christmas! One a crazy fun black and raspberry flower pattern and maybe a blue one...can't remember. I will shoot some pictures and email them to you with measurements.

Bombshell Bettie said...

OMG i would love to buy one (or all) from you. I've always wanted one! YAY