My Latest Addiction

Patterns. Vintage patterns. I want them! All of them..well ok, mostly the 40s/50s and early 60s...but I want to make just about every dress, skirt, blouse, duster, bathing suit, dress suit...even stuff for kids..and I don't even have any kids. And to be honest...I can't even sew. I can't. I'm terrible at it but I've always wanted to make my own clothes. Ever since I realized that today's "fashions" aren't made for people like me. Skirts are too short, tops are too tight, there is WAY too much polyester being used. I want a classic look..and I'm just not getting it unless I find reproductions...and then they're still a little too "rockabilly" for me. The generic "halter sun dress with full skirt" and Yes I have a couple of them..but I want it to feel authentic. That is why I want to make my own clothes. So I've been poking around in the pattern section looking for things I want to make and oooh man do I have a LOT of work to do...now all I need to do is learn how to sew...more than buttons and hand stitching.
Love these flutter sleeve blouses! How adorable is that middle one on top, I would love that for a cocktail party...if I ever go to one..HA!
Amazing 40's skirted swimsuit. This pattern already sold but I'd love to find one myself.
The perfect sunday skirt. I'm dying to do some applique work like those tulips!
The cutest maternity set with skirt and pants with sailor details! WHOOO!
OMG look at the drop waist on this!!!! Don't you just want to have it in every color?!
Is this not the most perfect sun dress set?! Everyone needs this dress!
Wow! The lines in this are amazing! I so want the one in the middle with all those buttons! So stunning!
Square neckline sun blouse with tab detail. I want the one with the bow!
Blouse with high neck and slim vest. I love vests, the fitted ones are so flattering!
Ok, I really want one of these sailor dresses (especially in the light blue with navy) If anyone knows where I can get one of these in my size, please let me know!
The dress with the huge pockets is killing me! It is my very favorite style! Plus its a simple sew so I might actually be able to make it! hehehe
Oh man this is one foxy sailor dress. This super full pleated skirt would be so flattering on my with my big ol' hips!
Love the tiers in this skirt and its got my favorite short sleeve length!
This neckline isn't very flattering on me but I still want this dress! Bows drive me crazy!
The perfect circle skirt, who doesn't need about 100 of these!? I especially want that one in the corner with the christmas trees!
Love this neckline! I want it in black with a sheer overlay on the dress! HOT!
The perfect 40s sun dress, tea length skirt, simple neckline.

Lots of skirts for meeeeee. I've always wanted one of these...all of these.
I will add the store later, etsy is currently down for maintenance and I accidentally closed the window..oopsies.
Gorgeous 40s blouses with pintuck details.
OMG I want this pattern so bad! It was up on etsy and I didn't buy it when I had the chance and now I want it even more...grrr at me!
Classic shirtwaist with big pockets and round collar. Cute for the office!
V neck and back sun dress, you can't beat this style. I love it and it looks great on me...if I do say so myself

I am so in love with this mermaid cocktail dress. I want to have this dress sooo bad...although I don't think I would ever have an occasion to wear it...ever.

Uh oh, apparently I found so many things I want to make I'll have to make this a 2 part-er ;)


Carys said...

I have the same problem with reproduction vintage, it does tend to modernize the old styles a bit, and use colours they wouldn't really have worn. I am learning to sew right now for the exact same reason as you, I've just done a dressmaking class, and already it feels worth it. You clearly suit vintage styles, and look amazing in that dress!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Twila Jean said...

my friend just bought the last pattern on this list.. and we are gonna sew it up together. I love love love it!!!!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Carys- I need to find a dressmaking class, I didn't even think about that! The color issue is a big one for me too. I love the vintage colors..most of them are kind of coooky but that is what I like about them. They're totally unexpected in today's "styles"

...SOME DAY i'll get my damn sewing machine fixed. Its a singer from the early 70s and it just needs to be lubed and then it should work like a charm..but i have no idea who would do that..and how much it'll cost me. I'm so clueless about..pretty much everything that has to do with sewing, machines, thread and various other things around the same topic...

OOOH Twila I'm so jealous! That is the perfect dress for you though, I can't wait to see it on ya! What colors are you using?!

Jenny S said...

Thought of you today! Hit a yard sale with vintage clothing and some of it was in my size! WOOHOO!

Miss Emmi said...

Oh dear, reading this post sent me on a pattern buying binge! D: My savings! Ah well - can't wait to make them up!

Bombshell Bettie said...

Ooh Emmi, you're a girl after my own heart!

Cristina said...

I can't get enough of the mermaid cocktail dress! It's stunning! If I MADE a dress like this - everyday would be an occasion to wear it! ;)

Such a sweet blog! Keep up the great work!