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I've been all about the 60s lately. Sheath dresses, minis and lots of layers and I'm especially attracted to nautical colors..I get this way every spring/summer. Red and Navy thats what I want! And what better place to get it than our sponsors? I'm talking Created and Collected.
 love the button detail
 very peggy olson, love the two piece look.
 you can't beat a classic knit, later 60s/70s but still works for me!
 60s + sailor = WINNER!
 Also digging this cherry coat!
 Ok, if this were my size i would've snagged it a long time ago, Cole of California coverup with fishnet!
 Super cute mini with a faux belt!
and because I can't resist pretty 60s either I have to include this beautiful baby blue party dress.

MOD not your thing? You can find styles from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s in the Created and Collected shop! That is definitely something for everyone!


Lenora Jane said...

Ach, that coat is gorgeous! Too bad I already have a red coat...or,uh. More than one :)

Diana said...

lovely clothes!!