Shop the Sponsors: Telltale Hearts

Summer is going to be fierce this year. We've had 80 degree heat this spring so i'm thinking hot pieces for summer and you know what i'm going to say...no better place to shop than with the sponsors. 
I'm  looking at Telltale Hearts Vintage for the goods.
 this ruffle crop top better be hitting the beach this summer
 neon plaid mini? yes, please!
 this hot pink is perfect for hot summer nights
you cant beat this playful sundress for spunky 80s summer style, love it with the combat boots!
 how about this tropical wrap blouse..would look great paired with a sundress
 silky, sexy, summer
 the iconic white summer sun dress
you cannot pass up this maxi!

So many more items waiting for you at Telltale Hearts Vintage. You have to check it out!

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